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Wednesday, October 29, 2008


That was how it seemed to explode in my brain the other night, when the idea for my upcoming WIP rose to the forefront of my mind. I was sorta kinda freaking out about NANO. I was racking my gray matter to come up with something meaningful and hopefully fruitful for me as well. I normally don't have a problem coming up with ideas. I guess it was different this time because I was placing so much pressure on myself to materialize something worthwhile.

Anyhoo, I sprung up out of bed and ran into the family room where my dear hubby was watching late cable news. (I'm amazed I even made it out there as my vertigo had been really bad.) I was so excited! I just couldn't keep it in. I was afraid that I wouldn't sleep at all that night until I had emptied my thoughts out on the coffee table. The cool thing about it was that he was excited as well. We sat and talked about it, allowing more to formulate as we discussed all of the potential this story could have.

So, I guess I'm as ready for NANO as I can be at this point. I'm identifying my MC and fleshing her out. I'm researching, and thinking about the supporting cast. I'm excited, expectant, hopeful, and terrified. How 'bout you? Two days and counting...

NANO virgins... UNITE! (And those going at it, again.)



Angela said...

Yay for Kablams! I decided to opt out for Nano, but you sound ready to rumble--good for you!

Tabitha said...

That's great!! Nothing like a swift kick to get the creative juices flowing. :) You're gonna be eating Nano for breakfast every day of November... :)

sruble said...

That's how it was for me too, except it happened during the day, and then I waited a couple of days to talk about it with my hubby. But when I did, he got excited about it too, and asked all sorts of questions and helped me to really think about what I wanted it to be. No outline for me, just lots of notes and a good idea of what I want to do.

Good Luck with NaNo! I'm glad you got your idea!

CJ Raymer said...

Angela - I know, right? Kablams ROCK!

Tabitha - Love the crunch of Nano in the morning! How 'bout you? (Actually, it would be during my writing time after work. I guess it will be mid-afternoon Nano snack.)

sruble - I'm so thankful that my hubby is a good sounding board for me. I'm very appreciative because not everyone has that. We are blessed.

You gals are AWESOME! XOXO CJ

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