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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Am I the Only One Who Misses "Miss Snark?"

Okay, I'll proudly admit that although she was the Simon Cowell of the literary world, this steeled-toe-stiletto-clad bearer of brusque brought a lot of sunshine to my cold and dreary writing days. I miss her! For all of her brutal honesty and her nasty little habit of serving up candor sprinkled with some "sassy" for good measure, I learned a lot from her. Who, pray tell, could ever take her place? No one, I'm afraid. That's great to a point, because who would ever imagine there could be two of Miss Snark? She had a gift, truly. It takes someone special to serve it up the way she did. A perfect blend of nasty and needful.

She wasn't hateful to everyone. That's what was so great! You would read through the comments on her posts just waiting for her to dump on perpetual stupidity. Okay, Okay, Okay, Ooooooooh... thats gotta hurt!

Oh how I wish she would return from time to time. Has any one read anything from her lately? Maybe, one day, we can coax her out of retirement just long enough to make us cry, for joy, of course.



Tabitha said...

I miss her too. :) When she said she was quitting, I just stared at the computer screen forever thinking I wasn't reading this right. I still have a link to her blog and go there from time to time, but it's just not the same. *sigh* Maybe she'll come back out of retirement for a cameo or two. :)

Kim said...

There is a reason that Simon is my favorite American Idol judge and Miss Snark a favorite writing judge- they both told the truth. Yes, I miss her, and I also miss American Idol. Is it January yet?:)

sruble said...

I think she's secretly online either under her real name or another pen name. Sometimes the truth hurts, but you've got to hear it if you're going to move forward, and Miss. Snark was able to dish out the truth! I miss her too, although I don't blame her for retiring. She must have had to put a lot of time into answering everyone's comments and emails. Plus, how many times can you give similar advice before you just have to say, "read my response, to ... substitute your title."

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