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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Awww... shucks!

Sweet Bish (not sweet dish) over at "Random Thoughts" nominated me for this really cool award! Thanks, Bish! XOXO

The Kreativ Blogger (

All I have to do is list seven (7) things I love and then pass this award on to seven (7) "Kreativ" people. As with Bish, I'll not list my family for obvious reasons. They are my major top priority and the loves of my life!!!

Now, these are not in any particular order:

1. My Lord and Savior, Abba, Papa, Daddy, & Father. Without whom, I'd be nothing, and have nothing. Not even the breathe of life.

2. The ocean. Like us, every wave is unique. No two waves are the same. They don't even carry the same exact sound as they crash onto the shore. Each wave sings a different song that rings in my heart, as it gently blows its wet salty breathe onto my face.

3. The changing of the seasons. Every three months nature alters herself as if an artist driven by perfection feels compelled to take her paint brush and rework the canvas. It lends a rhythm to life.

4. Our Bogie "The Dancing Wonderdog" and Scotch the cat. Self explanatory, huh?

5. My old cozy cottage.

6. My girlfriends. Each and every one of my precious sister-hood. I could not have lived such a beautiful life without them. "My life was a drought and your friendship was rain." XOXO

7. My beautiful life.

Now, that I've dried my eyes and blown my nose, I offer the same wonderful award to the following (It's kinda hard 'cause I know that several of my blogger friends have already been nominated. If you've already received this from elsewhere, GREAT JOB!):

1. Mary Ann
2. Rena
3. Courtney
4. Tabitha
5. Danette
6. Nora


Shoe Mood:

Feeling a bit "Girlie and Twirly!"


Bish Denham said...

Nice list CJ! To add a link of your fellow bloggers: When you go to your page to type up your blog you'll see (among your other tools like fonts and posting a picture etc) a little world with a paperclip. When you click on the world it will ask for an address. All you have to do is select the word you want in your blog, click on the world and type in or cut and paste in the address. And tada! the word or the name is linked. Hope this helps!

CJ Raymer said...

Thanks Bish! I got it all together now. Not so difficult after all. XOXO

Rena said...

Great list! I was nominated for this one recently too. Thanks for including me! I LOVE the shoes too! I wish I could wear things like that sometimes. :)

Ghost Girl said...

Beautiful list, CJ! And thanks for including me in the list of bloggers, too.

So now I finally found your blogger blog (don't know how I missed it for so long...) I'll be back regularly.

Let's share some tea soon.


Christina Farley said...

I lo list! I can see why it made you teary eyed. Thinking about the good things in our life does that. Maybe I need to think more about my blessings than the things that bother me.

CJ Raymer said...

Rena - Thanks! Great job being nominated. My pink paisley shoes are very low heel. Not uncomfortable at all. You need to find a fabulous pair of "just because I wanted to" shoes. You will be amazed at how they make you feel! ;-)

MA - Love, love!! XOXO

Christina - I've made a decision to not allow the "fleas on the dog of life" to get me down any longer. Life is too beautiful to lose perspective in a fleeting moment. Especially if that moment is brought on by another person's stupidity. They'll not steal my joy. Enjoy your blessings! ;-)

Sharon said...

Hey Girlfriend, Good to "read" again! We're back up and running again Praise God! Great list you came up with. Really makes me want to get together again...hopefully soon!

CJ Raymer said...

Sharon - Yes, my sweet "YA-YA," soon! XOXO

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